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As much as we hear that marijuana is the answer to whatever problem you have today, really, it isn’t.

Let’s clarify a few things first. We are not implying that marijuana is inherently bad. We are not saying one way or the other whether it could be beneficial in the medical arena. We are also not saying that everyone who smokes weed is a drug addict.

What we are saying, however, is that everything has a good and a bad side to it, and anything can be subject to abuse, whether it be a drug or not. Whether it be academics or any other area of life, that’s a problem.

With that said, it is important to note that just because numerous studies exist touting the benefits of smoking pot in certain circumstances, there is also a healthy amount of evidence still showing that it is just as (if not more) detrimental as well. Just because something may have benefits in some situations doesn’t mean that it is inherently good in every situation.

Especially if you are an addict!

That’s the danger. When addicts hear that something that has wreaked havoc in their lives is no longer “as bad” in some situations, a lot of us hear that it is game-on again. We look for excuses left, right, high, low, and everything in between to justify going out and trying to make it work one more time.

Invariably, if we are real addicts and alcoholics, we fail—often miserably, and sometimes fatally.

We get the idea that, “maybe if I just do it differently somehow, now that I’m armed with this new bit of information, maybe that was what I needed to know to finally make it work.”

Of course, it is all nonsense. If we really didn’t have a problem with it, we wouldn’t be looking for work-arounds in the first place.

People who don’t have problems with something generally don’t have to defend themselves against accusations that they are having problems.

To the alcoholic or addict, though, that’s almost a challenge. The slightest crack in conventional wisdom and experience becomes a chasm and we race to vault over it, but many times just end up falling back into the darkness we worked so hard to climb out of.

For better or worse, marijuana is something that we simply are unable to enjoy or partake in. That’s not a judgment—just a simple fact. And that is okay.

Is weed bad? No, not entirely. For those of us who have identified as addicts, alcoholics, or “have had a few problems here and there in the past,” though, no amount of new studies is going to change the fact that we have no defense against the first drink or drug. Additionally, we have no control over where it will take us, no matter how benign it is made to seem.

Have there been times where you’ve been tempted to test the waters one more time because some new bit of information came to light? Whether it involves marijuana or not, we’d love to hear your experience!

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