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LSD or acid, as a drug itself, is not addicting. The effects of the drugs are addicting. People become hooked to the visions, sounds, and surprises they experience on the “trip”. Users can acquire both a tolerance and a mental need on psychedelics drugs like LSD.

LSD is a schedule 1 drug. Schedule 1 is the most criminal class of drugs. However, there are a few instances that LSD can be used as a therapy for certain illnesses such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

Signs and symptoms of LSD abuse and addiction

There are physical and psychological effects of LSD abuse. The main issue with LSD is the person never knows if he or she will have a “good trip” or a “bad trip” even when using only a very small dose.

We will break down the good and bad trip signs to give you a better understanding. 

A “good trip” signs include:

  • They may feel they are floating away from the earth
  • They will experience a feeling of being totally disconnected from reality
  • They can experience feelings of joy or euphoria
  • Their inhibitions are greatly diminished
  • They feel their thinking is abnormally clear
  • They believe they have superhuman powers like super strength
  • They feel no fear of anything

Bad trip signs

On the other hand, bad trips can cause the person to feel anxious and frightened. Other signs include:

  •     chilling notions or thoughts
  •     experiencing swings in emotions quickly switching from feeling one emotion to another
  •     distorted impressions, figures, and dimensions of items and substances may be altered
  •     the user may hear colors or see sounds known as crossover
  •     powerless to manage the feeling of fear

The physical effects include:

  •     amplified heart and respiratory rates
  •     blood pressure changes
  •     higher body temperature
  •     Drowsiness
  •     no appetite
  •     extreme perspiring

Health risk effects of LSD

LSD itself cannot cause an overdose; it is what that the user takes with it that can cause an overdose and even a fatal overdose. Because the user has lower inhibitions they will mix alcohol or other drugs with LSD which can lead to hyperthermia, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis.

It is the lower inhibitions and additions of other drugs and alcohol that tend to land most users experiencing social, legal, and professional consequences. They could lose their job, end up not having a relationship with family or friends, and ultimately in jail. 

Just because LSD is not a drug that causes overdoses it is still a dangerous drug. 

Treatment options for recovery from LSD addiction

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