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A while back, we did a couple articles relating to the Russian drug Krokodil. At the time, we were fortunate enough to say, “Well, it hasn’t happened here, yet.”

“Yet” is here now. Reports are coming in that two individuals who had been using Krokodil contacted Banner’s Poison Control Center in Arizona. The co-director, Dr. Frank LoVeccio, refused to give much information, and what was provided was vague.

Here’s what we know for sure:

  • The two cases came in independently.
  • It is believed that the two cases are linked.
  • They are the first known confirmed cases of the drugs’ use in the US.
  • Health officials are extremely worried.

To make matters worse, both of these cases came in over the past week. While this is disturbing, the implications are far worse even beyond that grim information. It is very likely that there are more cases of Krokodil in the US that are going unreported. The Poison Control Center is expecting more to come forward soon.

Why should this matter to a California Drug Rehab, such as ours? Because if we know anything about addiction and alcoholism, it is that it gets worse and it spreads.

How many of us out there can remember the time (or times) where we heard of an addict or alcoholic going to some insane length to get loaded, thinking, “Man, I’ll never get that bad!” Now, think of the times where we said, “I’ll never do that,” and then ended up doing it at some point in our drinking and using careers?

A lot of people will dismiss Krokodil as nothing more than a desperate attempt by addicts to get another fix—that it is only popular in Russia because of poverty. Although there is some logic there, the argument falls apart when we consider that there are very few well-off addicts capable of maintaining an expensive habit over a prolonged period of time. Eventually, if we keep using, the vast majority of us face dope sickness.

In the throes of a nasty opiate kick, many battling opiate addiction will do whatever it takes to make it stop. It is entirely rational to the addict mind to think, “I’ll just do it this one time to keep from getting sick,” to get the relief, and then think, “Well, two times can’t be that bad…”

Except, yes, it is. By the time addicts of this concoction decide they need help, there is already massive damage done in all senses of the word: mentally, spiritually, financially, relationships, and, of course, physically.

If Krokodil starts looking like a not-so-bad idea, please drop whatever it is you are doing, and seek help. Seriously. Wherever you find that help, great. We do an awesome job here at 449Recovery helping people with their struggles with all types of chemical addictions, but no one under any circumstance should have to endure a life in conditions like those. Still, as we have seen many times before, there will be some that try. With stuff like this, those that try and fail are far more common than those who try to escape.

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