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At times it can be difficult to recognize when it’s time to enter into an inpatient alcohol treatment program. With alcohol specifically, it is especially difficult to judge when there is a problem. Alcohol is widely accepted amongst many cultures and social settings.  Its addictive properties along with its widely accepted uses, makes it an addiction difficult identifying early in its abuse.  Users may possibly be addicted without even knowing the earlier signs of addiction.

Signs of addiction that could be qualified for an inpatient alcohol treatment:

  • Intoxicated individual most of the time
  • User unable to get out of bed without having a drink
  • User misses work or other important time sensitive objections
  • Daily drinking at work
  • Public intoxication

All of these are signs of symptoms of someone who might be qualified to enroll into an inpatient treatment program.

If you recognize these signs what can you do to help?  An intervention might be necessary to get the user enrolled for inpatient alcohol treatment. This type of treatment requires the patient to reside at the facility that is administering the program. These types of programs have the greatest success.  Patients take strongly to the 24hr a day treatment that takes them away from their normal daily functions. Taking these daily stresses away from ones life tends to lend to a longer and more successful recovery.  Typically the longer the treatment the better success a program can have for an addict.

Patients can also find short-term residential alcohol rehab programs that will help them recover properly. has a program that can start helping with personal addictions today!

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