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There will never be a solution that fits every addict or alcoholic, and in-home treatment is one example of how different approaches to recovery can help. The solution isn’t for everyone, though, despite most alcoholics and addicts preferring this approach when first introduced to the idea of going to rehab.

There is a tendency to want to go it alone for many looking for drug and alcohol treatment. For some, it is because they are afraid of people. For others, it can be because they look down on “real” drug addicts or alcoholics. They believe they “ aren’t that bad” and that they can do it themselves.

That very well may be true—however, if that were the case, wouldn’t they have already stopped? Sure, they could decide to stop whenever they want, but if they continue to drink and/or use and their lives are collapsing all around them, wouldn’t they choose not to drink or use anymore?

In home treatment can help us see more clearly

Therein lies the delusion in alcoholism and addiction. We can prove to ourselves that we can go for a time without drugs or alcohol, and as a result, we think that alone means we aren’t alcoholics or addicts. It doesn’t.

That is nothing more than patience. It is something that every human being possesses on some level. If an addict or alcoholic knows that they will be able to drink or use in peace if they can prove that they can stop for a given amount of time, then they will do that.

Think about it: if someone is currently drinking or using, how can they say or know for sure that they can do that indefinitely?

For the ones who just don’t like being around people: no one said this would be an easy process. There are going to be times where you feel awkward and uncomfortable. That’s just life.

If we spend all day hiding from the world around us, what are we really getting clean and sober for? Who are we going to develop happy and healthy relationships with if we are maintaining a Howard Hughes-esque lifestyle?

Most of the things we fear or want to avoid don’t happen, and if they do, they aren’t nearly as traumatic as we think they will be. Everyone makes mistakes; that’s how people learn. Besides, it is one thing to read about building a car, but it is a totally different knowledge when you actually get down to it and build a car.

So who is in home treatment right for? Namely, it is for people who are unable to leave their home—for whatever reason. This might be health-related, such as the ill or otherwise immobile; but it can also be court-related as well. Although this usually isn’t a problem anymore, as most judges are willing to make exceptions on house arrest for meetings or treatment, we know that this isn’t always the case, and as such, offer in-home treatment for those individuals.

This might fit any number of other circumstances, but not wanting to deal with people just because you don’t want to deal with people isn’t one of them.

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