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If you have decided that you want to go to rehab for alcohol treatment or drug addiction, you may be wondering how to pay for recovery without insurance.  

Rehab can be expensive if you have no health insurance or your insurance does not cover drug rehab. Trying to figure out how to pay for it in Orange County, California, can be stressful.

449 Recovery in California has put together a few options for you to try so that you can enter the alcohol treatment or drug addiction program you need.

7 Ways to pay for rehab in Orange County

Not all health insurance plans cover rehab; that is because most addicts will relapse at some point. The insurance company feels that the recovery is not cost-effective when the addict relapses.

Paying for rehab with or without insurance can be done using one of the following ways:

  • HSA – Use your Health Savings Account if you have one. There are some eligibility requirements for HSAs, so you may not have one.
  • Finance your rehab with loans or a credit card. You can borrow money from your family, try for a personal loan if you are working, have good credit, or use a credit card. 
  • Look into employee assistance programs. Many companies will offer an employee assistance program, so ask your human resources department if the company offers an assistance program.
  • Use crowdfunding if you have poor credit and can’t get a loan; crowdfunding will allow you to raise funds needed for rehab.
  • Speak to the rehab center of your choice to see if they offer any types of payment plans or financial help to those who are uninsured or their insurance does not cover rehab. 
  • Apply for a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The SAMHSA provides assistance to people for rehab; however, be sure to read all the fine print to be sure that you qualify before filling out the form. 
  • Medicaid and Medicare, not all centers will accept Medicaid or Medicare, but you may be able to use these health care plans to pay for rehab. 

You may need to use a combination of the seven ways we have provided for you to pay for your alcohol or substance treatment in Orange County. If you cannot find a way with those seven possibilities, you can join a 12 step program like AA or NA. There may also be free rehab programs through a non-profit like a church that you may be able to enter.

449 Recovery in Orange County offers to work with their patients with insurance and those without insurance to help them find the funding they need. Contact us to ask about options such as payment plans for paying for rehab, including to find out if your insurance is accepted.

Do not give up hope; if you are ready to become sober and clean, visit 449 recovery and try the SAMHSA for a grant.