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Science has played a tremendous role in our understanding of addiction and addiction recovery. Starting with brain scans’ ability to show the difference between healthy brains that are drug-free and those that are using drugs to the benefits of science-backed addiction recovery therapies, science has been able to help with recovery. 

Therapies backed by science

What therapies are backed by science? Evidence based treatment includes medication and therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. The combination of the pharmaceutical and psychiatric medicines provides for a more significant success rate than either on their own. 

Take cognitive behavioral therapy; it can help you change how you look at situations that may trigger you to relapse. You can find ways to modify your perspective on social anxiety, stress, and more. It can help you find better, suitable ways to handle fear, anger, or other emotions that could cause you to want a drink or substance in order to deal with those feelings. 

Twelve step programs are a part of therapies backed by science. They show results with a broad demographic of alcohol or opiate recovery patients. Going to a meeting can help you by providing others who are going through the same or a similar situation to help support your sobriety. They are your very own cheer squad to help you stay clean and sober. 

How science changed our views on addiction

It used to be that people thought if the alcoholic would just have more will power, he or she could stop drinking; however, brain scans showed the difference of a sober brain and an alcoholic brain. These differences were also apparent with other substances. It led to the medical diagnosis of addiction is a disease, and nothing to do with will power. 

From that point, science delved deeper to see what the brain’s changes were and how they could change with specific remedies or therapies and which ones worked best. Today, there is still science research happening to find new and more advanced treatments to help reduce the relapse from recovery. 

Finding the right science backed recovery center

When looking for a rehab center, you need to ask what the science backed therapies they use are and what the results are. What are the effects of those therapies?

Other things to look for are the environment, is it a safe space to recover in. Is it clean and stress free? What credentials do the therapists have? Will your insurance cover it?

449 Recovery offers a safe, clean space for recovery to those in Los Angeles who are ready to step toward sobriety. We use science backed therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, the 12 step program, and medication to help ease withdrawal.

Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn about our continuously monitored detox program. Individual, group, and family therapies we offer to help achieve and maintain your recovery. 449 Recovery is here for you.