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We recently celebrated a number of recovery milestones here at our drug and alcohol treatment center, and given the nature of drug addiction and alcoholism, we are overjoyed with these miracles. Here are some simple tips for those looking to hit these milestones for themselves.

Get a Sponsor, and Use That Sponsor

It is all well and good to have a sponsor, but if we never actually make use of them, it does not do us a lot of good. We might think we have the answers, but our own histories with drug addiction and alcoholism should be enough to show us that is not always the case.

A sponsor has a deep understanding and knowledge of recovery, and the life experience clean and sober to help us navigate through our own lives. All too often, we do not make use of them until we are in desperate need of their assistance. If we maintain that relationship and keep open minds, we can often avert some of those troubles altogether.

Helping others in drug and alcohol treatment hit their milestones

There is nothing quite like helping someone to help forget about whatever it is we are going through at the moment. By helping others, we are reminded that the world does not revolve around us, and that, compared to where we used to be, our problems today do not stack up to what we used to endure.

Something as simple as giving a ride, or even just introducing yourself to someone who you have not seen before, is a great way to give back, and more often than not, helps you far more than the other person. Whether that person is going through a drug and alcohol treatment center or has any interest in recovery does not matter. It is our own willingness that makes all the difference.

Ask For Help

If we stay around long enough, there will come a time when life just is not going the way we want it to. This is where we learn the real strength of our recovery. It is all well and good to champion the merits of drug and alcohol treatment when things are working out in our favor, but it is much harder to do that when we might feel as though the world around us is falling apart.

The good news is that this need not be so difficult, so long as we ask for help from those around us and tell them honestly how we are doing. If we keep a straight face and say that everything is going well when that is not true, then it becomes very hard for those around us to help. There’s an old saying in recovery: “It’s better to save your butt than save your face,” and sooner or later, every old-timer learns this truth firsthand.

Do you have any words of wisdom for those just starting out, or for those with some time under their belts? Let’s hear it in the comments section!

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