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Lot of people feel like their social life will go down the tubes if they quit drinking and using. Actually, though, having fun sober isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Why do people think they can’t have fun being sober, though?

Probably the biggest reason we think we can’t have fun unless loaded is that we’ve been getting loaded for so long. After awhile, we actually forget how to have fun sober. The good news, though, is that this is usually short lived.

Along those same lines (no pun intended), the other reason is probably that our drinking and/or using friends are our only points of reference. The problem with that, though, is that they know about as much about having fun clean and sober as they know about building space shuttles. To put it another way, why would we trust someone’s opinion if they have limited experience (at best) with the subject—in this case, having fun sober?

Okay, but how do we start having fun sober?

Go to concerts – Now that all our time isn’t spent looking for our next fix, many addicts and alcoholics find that they actually have some disposable income. If they hadn’t before, they are now employable.

Going to see a concert sober is a new experience for many of us because normally, when we managed to get enough money together and went to concerts loaded, we were lucky to remember any of it. Now, we are able to enjoy the experience for what it is.

Go on road trips – Again, this is possible because we have the means to afford it, but even more so, we develop relationships in sobriety with others who are now also capable. Even beyond that, we actually have people around us who can stand being in close quarters with us for that amount of time.

Get exercise – We are on a great start to living happier, healthier lives by not causing further damage to our bodies, but why not do something that is actually good for us? New friends mean we now have people to help keep us motivated.

Learn a new skill – Again, with time, money, and new friends, we can use the creativity we used in getting our drink and drugs into learning something you’ve always wanted, but never got around to because we were too busy trying to satisfy the obsession.

What are some of the ways you are having fun sober? Our OC drug rehab wants to know!

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