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Now that we know online black markets exist, and know about the currency they use, let’s talk about how to get free drugs online.

First off, why is an Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center telling people how to get free drugs online?

Because the whole concept makes sense to an addict/alcoholic (like myself), until you look at how it all really works. We feel that showing the faults in how such transactions work is by far a bigger service to our client and fellow addicts/alcoholics than telling them simply that they exist and letting them find out the hard way what a bad idea it really is.

Bitcoins, being the medium of trade in these online black markets, can be mined through so-called “Bitcoin mining.” Essentially, a person buys a Bitcoin miner, which is nothing more than a really fast, operation-specific mini-computer that is designed to do one thing and one thing only: mine Bitcoins.

The person then sets up a USB serial driver and a Bitcoin mining program to put his or her miner to work. He or she then establishes a Bitcoin wallet and joins a “Bitcoin mining pool.”

That’s really all there is to getting free Bitcoins.

Seems strange, doesn’t it? It sounds a bit too good to be true, right?

It is.

Although dollars and Bitcoins are the same in that they don’t provide anything inherently useful for basic survival, dollars have the advantage of being backed by the government, which means you essentially have to accept them, or be subject to some pretty unpleasant consequences.

The government, on the other hand, does not back Bitcoins. If they did, you can be sure they would be taxed, just like any other income. Bitcoins essentially have value because a certain population agrees upon their value. That also means that if people no longer agree that they are worth anything, then they instantly lose their value.

In practical application, dollars measure value of a person’s work. Naturally, if you are not working, you are not creating anything, which means you are not really getting anything, either.

As such, it is only a matter of time before people realize that a machine running complex algorithms automatically is not creating either a good or a service, and is therefore worthless.

Back to the hypothetical issue of getting drugs for free online. Yes, technically, you can do it, but at an entry cost and for a limited time until people realize that saying something is worth a certain amount doesn’t mean it is actually worth that amount.

Any of the steps (the wallet, the app, the pool, etc.) can cause this seemingly ingenious operation to come to a screeching halt in an instant.

The danger (aside from the obvious legal ones) is that a person could get severely addicted in a short time, and once their supply of drugs and/or “free” money is cut off, they are in some serious trouble. That is in addition to federal crimes, and when you do federal crimes, you serve all of your sentence.

Physical addiction does not care if you can afford a habit or not, nor does it care if you can get your chemical of choice readily.

What ensues is a panic, which means more dangerous and illegal matters become the only other avenue. Of course, these are the same avenues that addicts have gone through for years while looking for a fix, but that does not mean it is safe by any means.

Addicts and alcoholics have the unfortunate disposition of believing that they can outsmart the system. Trust us when we say this is a bad idea for more reasons than we have listed thus far.