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drug rebahUltimately, when you work in addiction recovery fields, you hear, “My loved one has already gone to drug treatment and rehab—what could you possibly do differently?”

As our own Doug Penny said once, “With God’s help, we will get them sober.”

Sure, this is the goal of any drug treatment and rehab center, but for many, the first treatment center is not their last treatment center. That does not mean that these places did not provide an invaluable service—quite the contrary, actually. That first treatment center, like any first impression in life, is crucial in an addict or alcoholic finding long-term sobriety and clean time.

If it’s not working, find another drug treatment and rehab

If the thing you have been using to get through life is no longer working, and some people say they have an alternative, but upon investigation turn out to be miserable, boring people; would you really want what they have?

That is the beauty of addiction recovery: it is about becoming positive, imitable examples in people’s lives, rather than a hokey sales pitch.

Yes, like any other business, we do have to market our services. However, without the knowledge that such services exist, one might not otherwise think to ask.

Look at it this way: if you are a skydiver and looking to buy a parachute, are you really going to shop by anything other than the most reliable product from the most highly regarded company? Of course not!

The same is true for drug treatment and rehab. There are others out there, and yes, they may serve their purpose, and that is absolutely awesome. We look forward to the day where our services are no longer needed. Until then, you want people who have the experience and knowledge of both treating addicts and alcoholics, and actually struggling with these issues themselves, and found their own way to long-term addiction recovery.

We are not surprised when people were promised the sun and the moon, and then felt jaded when their loved one continued to drink and use. We would—and have—felt that way, too.

While no human power can relieve us of our addiction or alcoholism, there are an astonishing number of things we can do and offer to bring about the greatest odds of success. As recovering addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we know that if there is anything a drinking or using addict or alcoholic will do, it is latch on to every little flaw.

Take away those flaws and gripes, surround them with people who have been in their shoes who are happy, productive members of society, and even those with the most severe denial will find it hard to dispute that there is something at work, and that no case is ever truly hopeless.

The only time we are hopeless is when we stop trying. Even then, though, there can be hope once again just by suiting up and showing up.

Addiction recovery is not easy. If it was, everyone would find it. For those who truly commit themselves fully to finding recovery, though, the odds are astronomically better.

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