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From high school athletes to professional athletes, sports can lead to pain medication, which poses a danger of addiction. Pain medications are not the only danger to athletes; however, there are also enhancement drugs such as steroids. 

High school and college athletes

For most school kids, sports are a way to engage in healthy behaviors and keep them off the streets and out of trouble. But for some kids, the pressure of performance, injuries, broken bones, and pain medication can lead to addiction.

Sports doctors and even primary physicians need to remember that opioids are addicting and treat first with over the counter analgesics, hot and cold therapies, massage therapies, acupuncture and acupressure therapy, and physical therapy before writing out that prescription of pain meds.

School sports are an excellent way to teach teamwork, physical fitness, and a healthy diet. They can also show leadership and stepping up to the plate to face the challenges of life. Yes, injuries can and will happen, but it is how we treat those injuries that pose real dangers. 

Professional athletes

Professional athletes face the same challenges as school student athletes with the exception that many of them are old enough to mix alcohol into the mix. They experience the same pressures to perform, the same dangers of injuries and broken bones. They also experience the pressure of sponsors for things like Wheaties cereal and other products such as Nike sneakers. 

If they wish to keep their contract, make more money, and earn a deal to sponsor a product they must perform at peak levels. In order to do that they will train harder, use enhancement products, and add partying in to the mix it leads to injuries that must be treated.  The treatment options usually are pain meds in the form of opioids that lead to addiction. 

Recovery help

For those athletes who become addicted to opioids or steroids, there is help. Once they decide to enter recovery, they can begin to heal not only physically but emotionally. Yes, emotionally. The guilt and shame of addiction can cause emotional problems.

In the Los Angeles area, one recovery center that can help school and pro athletes alike is 449 Recovery. Having group therapy were other people, just like them are going through the same thing can help them open up and work through the emotional problems along with their addiction. They become a support system for each other along the way.

At 449 Recovery, we work with each patient individually, in a group, and with their family to promote healing and recovery from addiction. You will learn the skills and tools you need to achieve and maintain recovery. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about our constantly monitored detox program and other therapies that can help you beat addiction and live a sober life. We also guide our patients when they have successfully completed recovery regarding where they should go next, a sober living home or back with their family.