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Is there any sense in undergoing out-patient rehabilitation and detoxification?

Some people try to make the claim that if a person’s addiction and/or alcoholism are bad enough to require detoxification, then an out patient rehabilitation program is not intensive enough.

I do not agree. As I have pointed out before, there can be a lot of benefits to out-patient rehabilitation versus in-patient rehab. Each person has to ask himself or herself what type of program will give them the best chance at recovery and maintain a functional life in the process.

Undoubtedly, for some, the primary issue in the beginning will be how to best manage going through the detoxification process in the midst of beginning a new chapter in his or her life. Obviously, this takes a large commitment, regardless of the severity. If someone is suffering from severe opiate addiction (for example), his or her detoxification program is going to be a lot different from someone who was an occasional crystal meth user.

Yet, still, that same occasional crystal meth user might require an in-patient crystal meth rehab, whereas the person addicted to opiates may flourish in an out-patient rehabilitation program.

Although some people tend to equate “real addicts” needing in-patient rehab, this is not always the case. It might just as equally be an issue of an addict or alcoholic needing to be removed from a toxic element in their daily lives. That can range from troubles living with a specific family member, needing to stay away from certain people they otherwise would associate with, or simply because the courts mandate it.

Out-patient rehabilitation may fit a person’s schedule better.

Some addicts facing really serious consequences as a result of their addiction or alcoholism may have no other option than an out-patient rehabilitation program. A job, for example, may have a zero-tolerance policy or may otherwise restrict that person, preventing him or her from leaving the job to find treatment. Any treatment program for an alcoholic or addict, whether it be in-patient or out-patient, is better than no program.

It is important to remember that the real reason we are considering treatment in the first place is to improve the lives of an addict or alcoholic. Without proper structure to help guide them, some will falter; yet, the same is equally true for others who do not get a measure of freedom within a program.

Detoxification is really an issue that, in this situation, is irrelevant to the type of treatment program an addict or an alcoholic receives. When it comes to detox, it simply takes what it takes to get through it. For some, that might mean sleeping off a binge, but for others, it can be a stay in a hospital, requiring trained and dedicated medical professionals to see that person through the experience in a safe manner.

In essence, be realistic about the addict’s or alcoholic’s needs. Do not let expectations of some be the deciding factor in a person’s treatment. The end goal is that we have a life free from the bondage of addiction.

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