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Denial is an ugly thing. For many parents, when the signs that their child might be in need of drug and alcohol treatment, the immediate first reaction seems to be, “Not my child!” It’s sad, too, as a person cannot begin to get help until they admit that there is a problem….

When the defensive comes up, it doesn’t change the need for treatment–it just takes longer before the drug addict or alcoholic can enter a program to get the help they need. Sometimes, that time comes too late.

“My daughter is a good girl.” Those were the words her father used when asked about the arrest. With all due respect, being a “good girl” has nothing to do with whether or not someone has problems with alcohol and drug addiction. It has nothing to do with how someone was raised, how much money a person has, what someone’s educational background, or any other multitude of factors. Not everyone that gets a DUI is an alcoholic or someone with an alcohol addiction, but it suffices to say that getting charged with a DUI definitely qualifies someone’s drinking as problematic. I don’t think anyone would disagree that getting a DUI is a problem, but alcoholics and addicts can perform some incredible logical acrobatics to keep the self-awareness blinders closed just a little longer.

The ostrich with its head in the sand approach to a drug abuse and alcohol addiction within the family only works for a short time, though. Eventually signs begin to show left and right that things are not as they should be. Even still, sometimes this is not enough to sway even the most stalwart co-dependents. While everyone else is saying that the person in question needs help for their opiate addiction, for example, the co-depended will come up with excuses like, “They’ve just been under the weather,” or, “They’re just really tired.” Yet the writing is on the wall. There is no other way around it. The drug addict knows it, the friends and family know it, and the person in denial knows it deep down as well.

Such is the case with Amanda’s father. According to him, the officer that Amanda hit pulled in front of her suddenly, and that she was shaken from the accident. Not outside the realm of possibility, but police officers aren’t exactly known for their propensity to brazenly charge into traffic. Also, police generally don’t arrest people for a DUI if they haven’t been drinking. Even the most hardened drunk needing the most severe alcohol treatment program would not try to sell that story. The only time this sort of thing happens is when someone refuses to take a sobriety test, and usually those who refuse are hoping that the alcohol they’d been drinking will be low enough by the time they get to the station for it to have made its way out of their system.

In other words, all things considered, we’re sorry Mr. Bynes, but sometimes people make mistakes, and it seems as though Amanda has made one. These things happen. We are human. We are bound to make mistakes. If Amanda needs the services of a reputable OC detox, we would be more than happy to help however we can. It is important to keep in mind, no matter what, that thankfully no one was hurt, aside from maybe some pride or reputation. While on one hand it may seem like the end of the world, it is far and away better to suffer an injury like that than it is to deal with some of the alternatives routinely seen in the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction.

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