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One of the biggest obstacles for many families seeking relief from drug addiction is finding affordable interventions. Unfortunately, this is where the business side of recovery can overrun the singleness of purpose recovering addicts and alcoholics are supposed to uphold. That does not mean that expensive interventions are bad; it just does not have to be that way.

The good news, though, is that there are groups like ours who still cherish the tradition of making affordable interventions available for all.

We cannot really understand why other groups make their intervention services outlandishly expensive. The reality is that, sadly, an intervention is only a means to an end. It is like crediting a taxi driver for acing a job interview just for driving you there on time.

That is not to say that having a skilled and qualified interventionist is not crucial, though.

Unfortunately, for many people, getting into treatment is only the first step of the battle. The real struggle comes from what happens within that program. If the addict or alcoholic in question is only attending because they want to get the heat off, or if they are being forced into going, then the chances of recovery are slim at best.

That being said, it can still very much be worth it to have that person attend a recovery program. At the very least, the addict or alcoholic will know where to go when they finally realize they need help. This alone can be worth the cost of an intervention and recovery center several times over.

Is drug addiction recovery in your future?

Being ready for recovery is a prerequisite. Anything that happens with an addict or alcoholic in terms of recovery prior to the time when they are ready is simply an introduction to what the future holds if they are not prepared to do the work. Again, this is not a bad thing, but loved ones must realize that this is a serious illness that requires just the right combination of desperation, willingness, and knowledge of where to go and what to do.

In light of all this, affordable interventions in drug addiction and alcohol recovery are (to us) the only real sensible option. It would be a lie to say that spending that type of money was somehow a more likely chance of long term recovery, and as an honest and ethical treatment center, we cannot do that to our clients or their families.

In actuality, it is an investment. It is priming the addict or alcoholic to see the truth that their life has become. Sometimes this can, indeed, be the event that brings them to the point of desperation and willingness necessary to bring about long-term recovery. As with any investment, though, it might not pay off immediately, but later on at some point in time.

In the end, affordable interventions are just as likely to garner long-term recovery as those costing far more—the catch is that the addict or alcoholic has to be willing, and the person giving the intervention has to be someone with whom they identify.