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Looking for addiction recovery resources is not as hard as many people think. Too often, people search for these resources, unaware that some of the best ones available are just a phone call or Internet connection away.

Today, we are fortunate to have those resources available on the web that years ago would never have been imaginable. We can find warning signs of addiction and alcoholism, any new developments in treatment, and how to cope with living with an addict or alcoholic at just the click of a mouse. Further, we can even find a highly reputable rehabilitation center to which we send our friends, family, or even ourselves. No matter where we are in the world, no matter what language we speak, there is a wealth of knowledge and people right at our fingertips, ready to help.

Addiction recovery resources support recovery.

Of course, all this is wonderful. However, we have to remember that all the knowledge and research in the world is no substitute for when action needs to be taken. The good news, though, is that most who get into drug and alcohol treatment are caring individuals who want to see others make positive changes in their lives, and are more than happy to help those who come and ask. As such, counselors can be a fantastic source of addiction recovery resources. They can offer insights and training that make them a unique and highly qualified resource that is often full of good-intentioned misinformation.

While we are in treatment, one of the best and consistent drug and alcohol addiction recovery resources we develop is our connection to others who have endured our same struggles. This Fellowship helps us keep perspective, and even though a sponsor who has gone through the Steps is a fantastic place to seek advice, no one can be right 100% of the time. Indeed, we also need somewhere to find a sponsor in the first place, and the Fellowship is that place.

One day, we ultimately have to leave treatment. No matter how great the relationship we develop with our counselor is, there will come a time when that relationship has to come secondary, and greater help is needed over a long-term basis. That is where the sponsor comes in. A sponsor takes the addict or alcoholic through the Steps, giving them the tools to help recover from their affliction, and serves as an example of hope for those who no longer have any.

Finally, a strong relationship with our Higher Power, whatever that may be, is an addiction resource that is often overlooked but always provides answers. Whether a person is an addict, alcoholic, or someone dealing with one in their lives, having a spiritual source of strength and comfort can get us through even the darkest moments in life. Those days will come. If we manage to stay clean and sober for a significant period of time, we will one day need to rely on that Higher Power, making it one of the most vital drug and alcohol addiction treatment and recovery resources anyone can have.

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