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Anyone who has a relationship with someone who is suffering from addiction understands the unhealthy toll it takes on the relationship; even when the addict won’t admit it. 

Like all aspects of the addict’s life, the relationships in their life including romantic and sexual suffer the consequence of their addiction. Addiction plays a role in the cause and effect of everything in the relationships, finances, and more. 

Let’s look at the effects on relationships.

Mental emotional and physical effects

There are effects to the mental, emotional, and sometimes physical to the people who love the addict as well as the addict themselves.

The addict will go through wild mood swings when having withdrawal from their substance. This then causes trauma mentally and emotionally to their loved ones be it parents, siblings, spouses, or partners. They feel they have to walk on eggshells so they do not set off the outburst of anger or depression. 

Physical abuse can also happen to the spouse or partner that is not addicted. You will notice that we are not saying that the addict is the male who is violent during withdrawals or from being told there is no money for them to buy their supply with. That is because women who become addicted go through the same issues as men with withdrawals. They too can and do become violent to their partner. 

For the children of the addict, it can be quite traumatic to see their parents going through this, as well as, the financial aspects when the parents can’t pay their rent/mortgage or utility bills. Kids are resilient but they do worry and can be traumatized when the utilities are shut off or they have to move out of their home. 

The addict will also suffer from sexual problems such as ED or lack of interest. This causes them to think the other partner may be cheating on them because they are unsatisfied. This too can lead to physical abuse. No matter if it is psychological, emotional, or physical it is all abuse and takes a toll on the relationship.

How can you help?

How can you help the addict? Knowing the signs of addiction is the first thing you need to do. These include:

  •     Retreating from social and familial happenings
  •     An unanticipated rise or reduction in sexual habits
  •     Uncharacteristic mood swings
  •     Eruptions of manic activity followed by episodes of deep exhaustion
  •     Mysterious economic losses

Noticing any of these you should ask your partner what is going on without being accusatory. Do not place blame or make them feel you are disappointed or somehow no longer love them. This gives them a chance, to be honest about their drug use. If they do open up you can help them to go to recovery. 

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