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There are a lot of things that go into what we do at our Orange County drug and alcohol treatment center. While the treatment program itself is undeniably important, there are other things that make a good recovery center and a great recovery center different. One of those things is a safe recovery facility—mentally, physically, emotionally, and all other senses of the word.
Safe Recovery

Perhaps the most important part of drug and alcohol treatment is that our clients feel safe. Addicts and alcoholics come into the program with a lot of stuff happening in their lives, and having a place of sanctuary and refuge is vital for any meaningful recovery to happen. Without it, the walls stay up, and no progress is made. If no progress is made, then the results can be dire.

Of course, we challenge alcoholics and addicts when it is necessary. After all, our own thinking got us where we are, so clearly the practicing addict or alcoholic isn’t going to have all the answers. We would hardly be doing our jobs if we didn’t challenge them and their beliefs. However, there’s a difference between constructive criticism and being a jerk. You can still hold people accountable while still caring for them and caring about them.

We insist that everyone who walks through our door feels like they can be themselves without reprisal. Whether it is the staff, the clients, family members, or the guy checking the phone lines in the office; we feel that is essential to us having a great program.

A key component of addiction recovery in rehab as well as life is about getting the person back. We find and grow those personalities that have always been there, but couldn’t emerge because of the drugs or alcohol. Alternatively, if helping the addict or alcoholic involves creating a whole new persona, then so be it. We want people to live the lives they were always meant to live, but couldn’t because of alcoholism and addiction. That requires a team effort, though, and to have a team we must all be on the same page.

Like a garden, addicts and alcoholics don’t grow unless the conditions are right. If they are given the chance, though, and the proper care and resources are made available, they can flourish. It isn’t just about kicking the dope and the booze and going on our merry way—it is a continual but beautiful process.