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Now that you are in a recovery program and talking to counselors about your addiction and any other health issues, you are starting to feel better. However, in 90 or 120 days, you will be leaving the recovery center, so you need to find yourself a sponsor.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a person who will guide and nudge you to follow your recovery. No, they are not going to do it for you but guide you to complete the 12 steps that will help you arrive at sobriety. 

8 Qualities you want in your sponsor

Look for these eight qualities in your sponsor. If they have these main eight qualities, you can compare other abilities one possible counselor may have over another. 

  1. They have more time than you or those in your group in sober. The longer they have been clean, they can not only guide you but give you a goal for which to strive.
  2. The sponsor has completed the 12 steps; that way, they can guide you through the 12 steps. 
  3. Your sponsor has a sponsor they still communicate with regularly. 
  4. The sponsor you choose should still be attending meetings and encouraging you to attend meetings.
  5. You need someone trustworthy. You need to be able to trust your sponsor in order to open up about your greatest fears and resentments in life while going through the 12 step program, so trust is essential. 
  6. They work a spiritual or higher power program. The higher power is part of the 12 step program as you recover, you need to build a closer relationship with your higher power. It promotes honesty not only to others but to you as well.
  7. The sponsor listens more than talks. Listening is a quality your sponsor should have; they are not there to do your recovery for you but to help work through your thoughts and nudge you along the way on your recovery. 
  8. If you are male, look for a male sponsor and vice versa. This is because people have an easier time relating to someone of the same sex. However, if you relate better to a woman, find a woman sponsor, but make sure that you are not physically attracted to your sponsor. The reasoning behind that is you have work on learning, who am I as a person, learn how to love yourself as a person, and how to stay clean. A romantic relationship takes that attention away from you. 

Remember to look for these 8 qualities in a sponsor so that you continue your recovery throughout your lifetime. The person helping you will help keep you focused on the goal you set of sobriety. 

Those who have been through the program at 449 Recovery will often become sponsors for those who are working through the recovery program. Call us today (855) 435-7449 so that you can learn more about the detox program, and other therapies we offer at 449 Recovery.