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When seeking alcohol or drug addiction treatment in Orange County, California, you may wonder, does a longer substance treatment stay help your recovery success?

Seven reasons that longer stays for alcohol treatment and drug addiction treatment boosts recovery success.

  1. A longer stay in treatment provides you more time to get through withdrawals. Most treatment centers have medication that can help you get through by reducing the severity of the symptoms.
  2. During your inpatient treatment, you work on the issues that turned you to alcohol or drugs for relief. Staying for a prolonged period allows more time to understand and work through cognitive responses to those issues, so you reduce your chances of relapse. That does not mean you will not relapse but understanding the underlying issues and treating those issues reduces the chances significantly.
  3. Most treatment centers provide a 30, 60, 90, or 120-day inpatient treatment plan. If you are entering for the first time, 120 days is the better option. With 120 days, you will learn skills to deal with stress, live sober and clean, eat healthily and exercise, and much more. These skills again help reduce the risk of relapse.
  4. During a more extended treatment plan, you learn to build a sound support system so that you have the support you need to help you stay clean and sober when you leave treatment. A support system should include a sponsor as well as family and straight friends.
  5. You will learn to schedule your day, plan a budget and implement it, as well as how to interview for employment and more.
  6. Addressing co-occurring mental health issues can help you on your road to recovery and reduce the chance that you relapse.
  7. It will provide you a smoother transition into a sober living home or arrangement that will help you with your support and keep you accountable for your recovery.

Once you transition from a treatment center to a sober living arrangement, you should join a 12 step program for continued support. The 12 step program helps you because the people there have gone through the same addictions you have. They understand the temptation and urges better than anyone else. You should plan to attend 12 step meetings as often as you can but a minimum of once a week right after you move to an outpatient from the treatment center.

449 Recovery in Orange County offers both short and long-term treatment plans. We provide a safe, clean environment where you can learn the skills you need to live with your addiction. We prepare you for a sober life using cognitive-based therapy, psychoeducation, motivational, and family counseling. We offer referrals to sober living homes and outpatient treatment as well.

If you are ready to enter treatment and begin your recovery, contact us today and learn more about 449 Recovery treatment center.