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You may be considering entering recovery and wondering how living sober will change your life. Well, we have put together five reasons why sober living is the best choice in life. 

These reasons can also help you maintain your sobriety. When you think you may relapse, think of the motivations to stay sober. 

The reasons a sober life is the best

  1. Health – when you become sober, your health will improve. You will be able to maintain a healthy weight, your hair, nails, and skin will look and feel better; you will be able to smell and taste better. You will no longer be putting yourself in situations that could leave you with hepatitis, HIV, or other illnesses. You will find that you will sleep better when you are healthy, eating a balanced diet, and exercising. Your physical and mental wellbeing will improve significantly.
  2. Relationships – you will be able to work on mending and improving relationships, as well as start new relationships with a clear mind. You won’t have to hide your addiction, making you feel like less of a person than you are. You will be able to show the real you to people; the kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and caring person that you actually are. 
  3. Financial – you will have more money. The disposable income you have will increase and allow you to pay bills on time, to save for a car, an apartment, or some other big-ticket item you want like a television or a trip to Hawaii. 
  4. Focus – When your brain is free from alcohol or drugs, you can better focus on work and hobbies. You will find that you are more creative. You will also be better at your job because you will be able to focus on the details. This focus and clear thinking will help you come up with solutions to problems you were unable to do before.
  5. Time – more time to work on the relationships that matter, to learn new hobbies, to catch up on reading, to learn to cook, exercise, or so many other things that you can do that will help keep you sober because you won’t have time to think about the substance you were addicted to. Time can provide you the ability to make new friends that are also sober. You might even begin fixing up your home or flipping houses to make money. The possibilities are endless when you are sober. 

If you begin to feel urges to drink or party again, think of all the work you did and can still do improving; if that is not enough, call your sponsor or attend a meeting.. 

At 449 Recovery , you will learn about all the things that are possible when you are living sober. Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn about our monitored detox program and therapies for achieving and maintaining your sobriety in a safe, clean environment that will help in your recovery.