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At first, the thought of living everyday sober may seem quite terrifying when looking at the rest of your life; but, that is the reason addicts will hear the advice to take it one day at a time. Stay in the program, stay sober for just today, and tomorrow do it again—one day at a time. 

5 powerful tips for living sober

Here are five powerful tips to employ each day to remain sober. 

  1. First, and most importantly, detox your body. This means a detox program that can help you get through the cravings of withdrawals. Detox is the most vulnerable time you will have facing sobriety. Stick to it for today, and remember it is one day at a time. Repeat to yourself I just have to make it through it today, and tomorrow will be a little better. One day at a time cannot be stressed enough.
  2. Stay away from your old lifestyle, the places where you used to drink or use, the same for the people who were with when you drank. You need to change your lifestyle from where you go to who you see to where you live. Being in those places or seeing those who drink or use even family members is not good; it will cause you to have cravings and relapse. 
  3. Get a sponsor; this is important; it is part of your support system. A sponsor is someone who has already done what you are going through; so, they know how you feel. A sponsor is the person you can call at 2 am to talk because you crave that drink or drug you used to use.
  4. Therapy will need to continue to deal with any emotional or psychological problems that set you on the path to addiction. If you do not deal with those issues, they will only lead you back down the road you just got off back to addiction. 
  5. Gratitude can help keep cravings at bay, allowing you to make it through the day. That is right; we are back to one day at a time. There will be a time you can go several days or several weeks in a row without a craving, so appreciate each day you make it through without starting again on alcohol or drugs.  Have gratitude that you are alive since drugs and alcohol kill people each day through auto accidents, disease, and overdose. 

At 449 Recovery, we have a detox program that can help you with withdrawals monitoring you continuously to make sure you remain healthy enough for therapy. We will teach you other powerful tools and skills that you will need for living sober.

Call us today (855) 435-7449 to learn more about our detox program and the therapies we use to help you reach and maintain your recovery, including treatment that includes your emotional and mental health and physical health.