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Take one part drug and alcohol addiction, one part self discovery, one part of people reaching out to help others, and a healthy dose of internet technology and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a groundbreaking program helping people break the cycle of addiction. The Recovery Road powered by 449Recovery.Org has received rave reviews since its debut episode in early January and expected to see continued growth from listeners through both its live broadcasts as well as in its accessible podcast archive.

Through its use of live callers and panel of certified intervention specialists and drug and alcohol counselors; the Recovery Road brings its no nonsense, straight forward approach to the masses striving to bring help to millions of Americans suffering from the effects of drug and alcohol addiction as well as their family members who often times take the brunt of the negative effects that highlight the cycle of addiction.

“The cycle of addiction has a devastating effect on the family unit,” said 449Recovery’s Andrea Ross. “While we certainly hope a drug or alcohol addict can hear the show and get the treatment they need we also realize the overwhelming benefit the show serves to an addicts family members as well.”

The 449 Program which spotlights low cost intervention as well as specialized programs for pharmaceutical drug addiction and innovative out patient rehabilitation is the brainchild and vision of founder and CEO Rodney Robinson. Robinson, who carries a littany of experience in the field of drug and alcohol treatment centers brings not only expertise, but genuine care and concern for all who enter the doors at 449Recovery’s San Clemente, California facility.

“To do what I do each and every day for people with addiction is not a chore or a job, it is a joy for me to come into the office every single day knowing that I will be the difference in turning someone’s life around, and taking that client from the lows of addiction to the joys of recovery and family” Robinson spoke about with confidence.

Robinson’s lifelong passion for helping others in conjunction with his own personal experiences led him to the founding of 449Recovery and its unique services for low cost drug and alcohol interventions and utilizing Blog Talk Radios internet medium, is expected to becoming a leader in the field of drug and alcohol treatment centers and the Internet Radio Medium serves as useful tools for listeners to hear first hand accounts from the 449 Staff, Counselors, and former patients who frequently share their unique stories.