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Many options are available for addiction treatment programs, and one of the most frequently used—because it works—is a 90-day addiction treatment program. A long-term stay in treatment helps build solid, long-lasting foundations in recovery in several different ways.

Four Benefits of 90-day Addiction Treatment

    1. Gives the Brain Time to Recover

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that alters brain structures and chemistry, which makes it difficult for people to quit substances. The neurons and other parts of the brain are increasingly changed by long-term substance abuse, eventually making the brain dependent on drugs or alcohol to function.

People often relapse in early recovery due to the cravings and withdrawal symptoms the brain triggers when denied drugs or alcohol. A 90-day stay in an addiction treatment program allows three months to heal from the physical impact of substance use, without access to drugs or alcohol.

    1. Allows Time to Address Co-occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis is the clinical term for someone who has a mental illness and a co-existing substance use disorder. About a third of all individuals experiencing mental illnesses and approximately half of people suffering from serious mental illnesses also have substance use disorders. Roughly one third of all people with an alcohol use disorder and more than half of those with a drug use disorder also suffer from a mental illness.1

A substance use disorder that co-exists with mental illness needs simultaneous and sufficient treatment time to help prevent relapse. Time spent in treatment provides many opportunities to learn the skills needed to live a sober life and address mental health issues. One of the major benefits of 90-day addiction treatment is that it provides three months to learn and practice skills.

    1. Allows Time to Treat the Whole Family

Family therapy is an integral part of addiction treatment because the whole family is affected by the disease of addiction. The family is a set of interrelated parts, so what affects one part affects all parts. Spouses, partners, parents and children all feel the profound effects of addiction when their loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder. Long-term treatment allows sufficient time for family healing, another one of the benefits of 90-day addiction treatment.

    1. Gives Time to Learn Skills to Prevent Relapse

Relapse is a common barrier in the treatment of addictive behaviors and long-term sobriety. About 80-95 percent of people who quit alcohol relapse within 12 months. Other studies suggest similar relapse rates for various types of substance use.2 Relapse prevention, a major component of treatment, promotes successful, long-term changes in behaviors. Long-term treatment reinforces relapse prevention skills over a significant period of time, which decreases the odds of relapse.

Taking a sufficient amount of time in therapy to reap the benefits of 90-day addiction treatment is well worth it to gain the skills needed for long-lasting sobriety.

If there are any questions or concerns about spending three months in an addiction treatment program, discuss the matter with an admissions specialist at the treatment center. An addiction professional can explain in greater detail the treatment options and benefits of 90-day addiction treatment.