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What is the difference between outpatient 30–90 day drug and alcohol treatment programs? Many people wonder if having the extra time really makes that big of a difference in long term recovery. A lot of people say that it makes a world of difference.

There is a saying in recovery: “Half measures availed us nothing.” In essence, we need to be willing to dive into recovery as if our lives depend on it—because it does. Ultimately, a person’s recovery depends upon their level of dedication to finding recovery, and not how much time is invested in recovery.

That might sound a bit weird, but it is really quite simple. If we hang out an hour a day at an auto mechanic’s shop, we might learn something about what goes into the process. If we immerse ourselves into a training program that teaches us how to be a mechanic, hang out with those who work on cars as a hobby and as a profession, and fully embrace that as part of our being, then we stand a much greater chance of that becoming a part of us.

That is not to say that we have to go to those lengths, but the reality is that we stand a much better chance of that becoming a part of us if we do go that far with making it a part of our lives.

Fully embrace 30-90 day drug and alcohol treatment programs for outpatient treatment.

The same idea applies to 30–90 day outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs. The more we embrace recovery as part of our lives, the better our chances of finding long-term recovery are. We might still find long-term recovery without doing so, but our chances skyrocket when others are holding us accountable in such a group.

Are there differences between 30–90 day programs? There are, but there are not.

A 30-90 day drug and alcohol treatment program is not a crash course of a 90-day program. It is basically designed to give the addict or alcoholic a basic idea of recovery, and to essentially form a foundation for the foundation of a recovery program.

A 90-day program is designed to do the same thing, but it further builds on the very basic foundation established in a 30-day program. This is one of the few times where the typical alcoholic/addict thinking works to our benefit: “more is better.”

Of course, with a disease such as alcoholism and drug addiction, there are no guarantees of how either program will work. That is between the client and his or her Higher Power.

To be perfectly frank, sometimes an alcoholic or addict just needs to be shown the door to a better life, and then takes the necessary steps towards obtaining that through their own accord. Believe it or not, despite all the consequences and misery that we have endured, though, there are a lot of us that still need that structure and guidance to do the work to get that better life.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is that we get that freedom from alcoholism and addiction, and 30–90 day outpatient drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation programs help give addicts and alcoholics a chance at getting that freedom.