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Now that you are in recovery, after completing a recovery program, it is crucial that you know and recognize the signs of self-sabotage when it comes to staying sober and clean.

Watch for these 12 signs that you are self-sabotaging your addiction recovery and have a plan to stop.

  1. A negative mindset can sabotage your recovery quickly. Stop piling on the self-abuse and judgment of your past. Remember you made it through the program, continue to read the books, practice your recovery steps, and go to meetings.
  2. Isolation can leave you feeling lonely and vulnerable; meet with friends who support your recovery, or go to a 12 step meeting where people understand what you are going through
  3. Stress. Reduce stress with a good workout. Go walking, swimming, hiking, bicycling, play a pickup game of basketball or some other sport. Exercise reduces stress, blood pressure, and blood sugar which can cause cravings.
  4. Not going to recovery meetings can be very harmful to your recovery. Find a local 12 step program meeting and go.
  5. Denial and dishonesty with yourself about how well you are doing. Do not deny that you are an addict and have cravings, instead go to meetings and talk about it.
  6. Bottling up your emotions is a sure way to end up relapsing if you need to see a therapist, your religious leader, or a good friend who can listen to your feelings.
  7. Refusing help from loved ones and friends who are worried about you. Remember they are outside looking in and can see your behavior before you do or before you are willing to admit it.
  8. Returning to an unhealthy lifestyle, make a schedule for sleep, exercise, and other activities along with work. A balanced lifestyle keeps stress levels low.
  9. Unhealthy friendships; do not think that you can return to the “friends” you had when you were addicted. They may need help, but like you, they have to come to that help independently. You trying to help them will only sabotage your recovery.
  10. Ego can trip you up quickly when you start thinking I am doing so great and so much better than everyone else in this meeting; STOP. Your ego is tripping you up.
  11. Self-pity has no business in your recovery. Yes, you messed up, but you are working on making it right, so do not pity yourself for what you lost; instead, make a plan to rebuild better.
  12. Guilt and shame over becoming an addict is a sure way to relapse. Let it go. That is the past, forgive yourself, and move on with recovery.

Making a plan for each one of these self-sabotaging behaviors will help ensure you stay sober and clean for another day. That is the number one tip and used in almost all programs is to take it one day at a time. For some, it may be one hour at a time. Just celebrate those wins! 

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