Vito Tassone

Vito graduated from ITT Technical College in 1993 with BA and AA in Electronics Engineering. He worked as an A+ PC repair instructor and was voted BEST instructor 1999. Since graduating, he has worked in Technical Sales. He has been considered a top performer at every company he has worked for. He has been working in customer service for over 25 years.

“I would say that my strongest characteristic is my compassion with potential clients that call. I LOVE what I do, and have dedicated my life to trying to help the people that call us, to follow thru and get help.” He believes sobriety is a commitment to oneself. “Once you can commit to yourself, then you commit yourself to the people in your life.” Vito has been very committed to the people in his own life. He has 3 kids, one dog and a “beautiful, compassionate, considerate, and understanding wife.”

Catherine Tassone

Chief Financial Officer Catherine received her Bachelor’s Degree from McGill University in Education. As an instructor of cosmetology and business owner she has always exceeded expectations and sold her business at the height of its success. She worked for Airgas safety an executive account manager and has been honored as the top national sales person several times. While